Regd No. Rs-1794,Dtd,18/09/2001
H.Q- Tuli Town, Mokokchung District, Nagaland
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Rehab Centre

Organization Background

Needy People Society has been registered at Kohima (Nagaland.) as a Voluntary Social organization and registered under societies Registration Act. 21-1860 number H/RS-1794. As mentioned above that although society was registered in Dtd 18/09/2001. But it has been carrying out its activities for the last several years in a rural & urban areas of Nagaland State. Society was establish with basic aim of providing social services to all community but particularly to women and youth so they may become self depend & Nutrition, Family welfare, Disabled welfare, women’s and child development, ST /OBC minorities coaching and Development programmes, Income generating programmes, Awareness in sanitation etc. The main aim of the society to provide securities and alertness among women and girls child & technical training to these poor class family mentioned above so they may become self reliant. Considering very high level of adults illiteracy among the village women.


Drug addiction is becoming a major health problem in Nagaland with some estimates indicating that as many as 15 million people in India could become addicts by the end of 2004. Link between drug abuse and crime is well established but recently the association between drug addiction and HIV/AIDS has been a prime concern for health authorities in India. A significant recent shift in drug use patterns in India is the move from smoking to injecting drug use. Heroin, buprenorphine (tidigesic/tamgesic) and dextropropoxyphene (spasmo-proxyvan) are the most commonly injected drugs in India. In a study of Indian opioid addicts, researchers found 8.3% of injectible drug users were HIV-positive. The drug problem and its consequences have been particularly alarming in the north-eastern states. In some states of north-east 80% of all injectible drug users were HIV positive. Trafficking from Myanmar brings in high quality heroin, which is usually injected by abusers.

Our organization had the desire to do social work especially in areas related to drug abuse and youth, for long. The problem as we find our self still so ill-equipped professionally but we believe we can start the project. The rehab centres and programmes in north-east are highly inadequate. With not proper or lack of follow-up programmes, most of the addicts once released from the centres get back to their old ways within a few days. With this in light, here are few steps for addicts to remain drugfree and better understand their recovery process. People who relapse aren’t suddenly taken drunk. Most experience progressive warning signs that reactivate denial and cause so much pain that self-medication with alcohol or drugs seems like a good idea. This is not a conscious process. These warning signs develop automatically and unconsciously. Since most recovering people have never been taught how to identify and manage relapse warning signs, they don’t notice them until the pain becomes too severe to ignore.


Sl No Name Designation Address withTelephone Number Remarks Experience
1 ASENLA Chairman OLD MINISTER HILL KOHIMA 09774419318 Ten Years Experiences in Naga Cultural & handling any Project
2 ER LANU V/ Chairman P.R.HILL, KOHIMA, NAGALAND 7005289669 Five Years Experiences in Computer and Vocational Instructor Naga Cultural & handling any Project
3 IMTINUNGLA Secretary LUYUNG TULI, MOKOKCHUNG 09436260110 Five Years Experiences in Singing Local Songs Naga Cultural & handling any Project
4 RACHET Treasurer LUYUNG TULI MOKOKCHUNG 09856244452 Ten Years Experiences in performing Arts & Cultural
5 BENDANGTUBA Member 7th MILE TULI,NOKOKCHUNG Eight Years Experiences in performing Arts & Culturalt
6 ASSAM WATI Member TULI TOWN, MOKOKCHUNG Fifteen Years Experiences in performing Arts & Cultural
7 P. AYANGLA Member OLD MINISTER HILL KOHIMA Ten Years Experiences in performing Arts & Cultural and participated in Hornbill festival